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Tiltima 1-Piece Tilt Table with Hand Control


All 4 corners of the CA190 Tiltima® are supported by a 5” inch castor with Swivel Lock and Brake. The Frame Construction is made with Steel Tubes of (a) 6 * 3cm and (b) 7 * 3cm Dimensions and by the thickness of 2mm.

For absolute safety requirement, the CA190 Tiltima® is equipped with a “1-PULL EMERGENCY HANDLE” at the back of table.

Technical Specs:

  • Minimum Height: 550mm / 21.65” inch
  • Maximum Height: 900mm / 35.43” inch
  • Top Height at 90º: 2100mm / 82.67” inch
  • Tabletop Width: 650mm / 25.59” inch
  • Total Length: 1900mm / 74.80” inch
  • Tilt Angle: 0º to 90º
  • Lift Mechanism: Electric
  • Breathing Hole/Plug: N/A
  • Castor's w/h Swivel Lock & Brake: 4
  • Weight Rating (Max. Load): 225kgs / 496lbs
  • Weight: 231 lbs.
  • Package Dimension: 83X34X23”H

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Tiltima 1-Piece Tilt Table with Hand Control

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