[PEI31625] WALC 1 Aphasia Rehab - Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition
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WALC 6 Functional Language - Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition


Keep client interest high with fresh content and functional activities. These 300 pages of exercises cover a broad scope of skills including orientation, auditory comprehension, verbal expression, and reading comprehension. 

Written in the best-selling format of the Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition

series, these activities have:

  • easy-to-read format
  • simple, concise language
  • consistent progression of complexity within and between tasks
  • application to a wide range of acquired cognitive-language disorders

Convenient, ready-to-use activities feature illustrations and formats designed especially for persons with neurological injury. Many of the tasks can be used to address co-existing deficits in concentration, memory, reasoning, and problem solving.

The activities target these skills: 

  • Temporal and Spatial OrientationRecognize, understand and use time concepts in everyday activities like using a calendar and work schedule. Understand concepts of location and direction and use maps.
  • Nonverbal CommunicationCommunicate by using gestures and pantomime. 
  • Oral Motor /Speech ProductionPractice phoneme-specific exercises ranging from the single word level to sentence level. 
  • Verbal ExpressionTarget a wide range of skills from the single word level through the structured and unstructured conversation levels. Activities include automatic phrase completion, naming from descriptions, asking questions, giving explanations, and conversing about world events.
  • Auditory ComprehensionExercises progress from single word comprehension and discrimination to comprehending and recalling multiple paragraph information. Clients answer yes/no questions, follow directions, listening for details, detect and understand humor, and answer questions about stories. 
  • Reading ComprehensionExercises progress from recognition of individual letters all the way through the paragraph and functional reading level. Reading tasks are done with and without picture supports. 
  • Written ExpressionClients practice writing information about themselves and writing checks. 

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WALC 6 Functional Language - Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition

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