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WALC 11 Language for Home Activities - Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition


Boost client interest and outcomes with activities that use relevant content themed around home activities and home maintenance. 

Written in the best-selling format of the Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition series, these activities have:

  • easy-to-read format
  • simple, concise language
  • consistent progression of complexity within and between tasks
  • application to a wide range of acquired cognitive-language disorders

WALC 11 Language for Home Activities is divided into two sections: Home Activities and Home Maintenance. The lessons in Home Activities are based on general knowledge associated with a home. The topics are familiar and include appliances, home furnishings, cleaning items, and more. The lessons in the Home Maintenance section use higher-level vocabulary which may be less familiar to some clients. Clients talk about practical topics like furnace maintenance, yard work, and car maintenance. All of the activities retrain language and cognitive processing. 

The activities target five skill areas:

  • Word Finding – Name words from associations and descriptions, compare items, and list items for household tasks.
  • Organization – Unscramble words and sentences, choose words to complete paragraphs, sequence steps in a task, and complete schedules.
  • Categorization – Categorize and list items, match items to categories, and name categories.
  • Reasoning – Make deductions and exclusions, complete analogies, modify incongruities, and evaluate information;
  • Picture/Paragraph Comprehension – Answer questions about pictures and comprehend information in paragraphs.

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WALC 11 Language for Home Activities - Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition

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