[RPI847102003658] Transfer Board, Bariatric 32'' X 9'' X 1/2"
[RPI847102005652] Foam Tubing, Assorted 18''

Transfer Board, Hdpe 25'' X 10'' X 1/2"


White High-Density Polyethylene Plastic Transfer Board measures ½” thick x 25” long x 10” wide. It includes 1 easy reach hand hole to secure in place or grip on to during transfer. It is designed to help one transfer to and from a wheelchair, bed, toilet, chair, bathtub, car, and more. This transfer board is constructed of a striated, smooth surface making it ideal for bare skin transfers. It is sturdy, resilient, and very easy to clean. It features rounded edges for comfortable and easy handling, a smooth sanded surface, and professional-like finishing. It has superior strength and durability characteristics.

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Transfer Board, Hdpe 25'' X 10'' X 1/2"

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