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[RPI847102005126] Toilet Aid Tong, Short 12''

Toilet Aid Tong, Long 15''


Toilet Aid Tongs are perfect for people with limited mobility. This is a multipurpose tool that can be used to hold toilet tissue, shower loofahs, washcloths, ointment pads, and more. These toilet tongs are designed with durable steel allows these tongs to withstand continuous use.

  • Add simplicity and convenience to your daily routine with one simple tool
  • Lightweight design makes these toilet paper tongs easy to use by any user who requires assistance with reaching, grabbing, and wiping their own bottom
  • These toileting tongs are easily operated by using one hand; simply fold the toilet paper around the angled ends for the best use
  • This toilet aid has coated handles and ends that are smooth and comfortable for every user

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Toilet Aid Tong, Long 15''

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