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FLCI-2: Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory-Second Edition-Complete Kit


The Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory–Second Edition (FLCI-2) is a standardized test battery that assesses the functional language of patients with moderate to severe dementia. The inventory measures 10 communication skills: Greeting and Naming, Answering Questions, Writing, Comprehension of Signs/Object-to-Picture Matching, Word Reading and Comprehension, Reminiscing, Following Commands, Pantomime, Gesture, and Conversation.

New Features

  • A new standardization sample (N = 128) was collected that includes persons with vascular dementia and mixed conditions/other types of dementia in addition to persons with Alzheimer’s dementia.
  • All-new reliability and validity studies have been included.
  • Detailed instructions for administering the test have been added to the Examiner Record Booklet to increase ease of use.

Technical and Statistical Characteristics

FLCI-2 results can be used to (a) develop a profile of the functional communication strengths and weaknesses of individuals with moderate to severe dementia, (b) predict communication functions that will become vulnerable as the disease progresses, (c) counsel professional and personal caregivers, (d) plan functional maintenance programs, and (e) conduct research that focuses on the communicative abilities of patients with moderate to severe dementia.

The FLCI-2 was normed on a sample of 128 adults with moderate to severe dementia. The test yields raw scores for each skill that can be converted to percentage scores. The raw scores for the skills can be summed to yield the FLCI-2 Total Score.

Coefficient alpha and test–retest reliabilities for the FLCI-2 Total Score are .96 and .97, respectively. Validity studies demonstrate the test’s ability to differentiate participants with varying levels of dementia severity.

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FLCI-2: Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory-Second Edition-Complete Kit

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