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Just for Adults Apraxia Cards


Advance your clients to intelligible speech with this convenient, skillfully designed resource that has 300 photo and illustration cards, systematic stimulus hierarchies, and functional content. This step-by-step product lets you:

  • engage clients with true-to-life photos and illustrated scenes
  • choose words by phonetic complexity from VC and CV word forms to multisyllable words
  • use a systematic cueing hierarchy
  • reduce the language load for clients by using semantically-related words
  • teach functional phrases and sentences

There are 300, 5" x 7" cards organized around twelve themes. The target words within each theme/unit progress from VC and CV word forms to multisyllable words. Each theme/unit has:

  • 5 pretest/posttest cards (60 total) –Establish a baseline and monitor progress with:
    • words of increasing length within the unit/theme 
  • 15 photo cards of individual items (180 total) –The back of each photo card has this cueing hierarchy:
    • wh- question
    • sentence completion
    • phonemic cue
    • delayed model
    • direct model
  • 4 illustrated scene cards (48 total) –Each scene card targets five semantically-related words ranging from simple phonetic forms (soap) to more complex two-syllable or multisyllabic words (washcloth, shaving cream). Some words are repeated from the photo cards and other words are new but semantically related to the unit. Use the cards to build intelligible connected speech and bridge to conversational speech. The back of each scene card has these stimulus cues:
    • open-ended conversation
    • directed sentences
    • delayed model
    • repeat the target sentence(s) after a delay
    • immediate model
  • 1 functional phrases/sentences card (12 total) –Bridge to real-life speech with:
  • eight functional phrases or sentences
  • controlled length and complexity
  • semantic associations

The themes and some of the target words are: 

  • clothing –tie, pants, swimsuit, and more
  • community –bus, street, library, and more
  • feelings & emotions –mad, relaxed, comfortable, and more
  • food & drink –cake, fruit, hamburger, and more
  • grooming & bathing –bath, clippers, deodorant, and more
  • holidays & seasons –fall, picnic, Halloween, and more
  • home –door, window, comforter, and more
  • kitchen –knife, blender, microwave, and more
  • leisure –knit, travel, antiques, and more
  • occupations –vet, teacher, mechanic, and more
  • time & money –pay, account, credit card, and more
  • transportation –car, highway, motorcycle, and more

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Just for Adults Apraxia Cards

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